Visit to Germany

June 18, 2017
Us on stage

An experience to remember

On Saturday 1st March Alan flew his airplane to Erfurt in Germany with the band and their sound engineer Colin for two concerts, one in the afternoon in Jena and the other in the evening in Vacha. You may recall that the weather that weekend was quite stormy and very very windy.  During the flight which was uneventful until about when they were passing Frankfurt where they started to pick up quite a lot of ice on the wings of the airplane and being to heavy to climb above the weather Alan had no alternative but to come down quickly through the cloud making it very bumpy and apparently according to the guys extremely scary for everyone.

Everyone but Alan that is who seemed to enjoy every minute.  After what seemed like ages being thrown around Alan landed the plane safely, as always, and thankfully everyone recovered soon enough to do the shows. The next day they returned to Erfurt Airport at 13:00 for the journey home but discovering that the weather was just as bad as it was the day before so Alan announced that they would not be flying in his airplane that day as it might be too dangerous but he would send them home on the next available flight the 20.30 Lufthansa flight to London Heathrow from Frankfurt which was two hours away by train. Everyone seemed relieved and happy about this although it meant Alan staying behind until the weather got better.

After they had left Alan went back to the flight briefing office in Erfurt to ask once more about the weather being told that it would be very windy until you get on top of the cloud but O.K. after that so as the others weren’t with him he thought he would in his words Take a look after all if it was too bad he could always come back and stay the night which was the original plan.  So off he went. Up through gaps in the cloud till he reached beautiful clear blue sky on top. It had been a little bumpy but nothing like he had been expecting. He had taken off at 15.30 and after three hours landed back at his local airport in the U.K. at 18.30 it had taken slightly longer that usual because of the strong headwinds but still two hours before John, Mick, Mark and Colin were due to take off from Frankfurt.


Several Mentions

June 18, 2017
On Stage

It’s great to see that after all the confusion created by other band these last few years that everyone has now realised that the band they had been booking was the wrong one involving some girls from and not the band with Alan in it as they had expected. You may have wondered why Alan and the guys had not made any appearances in Germany and Holland these past few years well it seems certain booking Agents had not been informing their clients that in fact what they were booking was not the Rubettes with Alan’s familiar face in it but the other lot. A big change is coming and as you can see by the dates the guys have for this year they are back and promoters are making a point of asking for the band with Alan.

Once again the guys are appearing on a British Nation wide Glitz blitz and 70’s hitz tour with their familiar touring buddies Sweet and Showaddywaddy. Starting at Cheltenham’s Town Hall on Sunday 15th April and ending 30 shows later at the famous London Palladium on Sunday 25th. June. Anyone having seen this line up on previous tours, and there have been a few, will know what a fabulous show it will be. Don’t forget to book early for your ticket or risk being disappointed.

A new album will be released to coincide with the tour called On Tour and will contain a welcome few surprises as well as all the “Hits”.  With 17 tracks it’s the best yet including new recordings After the Goldrush and Barbara Ann both popular live concert songs and a previously unheard song written by John called “You are Amazing” which is AMAZING and would make a great new single. Have a listen and tell everyone what you think.  Unfortunately at the moment On Tour is only available as merchandise at shows but will soon be available on other places


A brief History

June 18, 2017
Photo shooting

A lot has happened to The Rubettes these last few years, some good, some not so good and a lot of questions are being asked by a lot of very confused people so it’s time to set the record straight. Probably by now most of you are aware that there exists more than one form of Rubettes band which is the result of a dispute between Alan Williams and a certain Ex Keyboardist Bill Hurd. In 2003 Alan reluctantly agreed that the Rubettes as we know them will no longer exist but will continue in two forms which is why the band with Alan Williams in it must be called The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams. At least you know that you are getting Alan with John Richardson and Mick Clarke as well. So make sure you check any billing that you see for the Rubettes to make sure that it is appearing the actual band that you want to see.

This arrangement should have worked well but unfortunately it didn’t for on many occasions billing of a certain band remained as just The Rubettes sometimes with photos of the Original band being displayed all of which caused great confusion for everyone and in 2005 Alan decided enough was enough and took Bill Hurd, Alex Bines and Paul Prewer ( Da Vinci ) back to court for breaking their agreement.

In February 2006 Alan finally won the legal battle when the British Courts in London gave their decision that Bill Hurd, Alex Bines and Paul (da Vinci) had been misleading people into thinking that their band was the Original Rubettes by what they wrote on their websites and that this was unfair to Alan, Mick and John.  Bill and the others then appealed to the Courts against their decision and finally in November 2006 the Court decided that the first decision was right and ordered them to pay legal costs of nearly 150,000 euros to Alan. Paul Prewer (Da Vinci) who no longer plays in Bill’s band has now paid Alan 50,000 euros but Bill and Alex said they didn’t have any money and have now both gone bankrupt to avoid paying. Alan is now considering further legal action against them.

Alan has asked me to thank everyone who has supported him through this difficult time. He knows all this legal stuff can be boring and that is why he didn’t say anything while it was going on but is now glad that it is out in the open.

It is hoped there is always some good that comes out of bad and the good that has come out of the recent  problems the band has experienced is that John Richardson has rejoined with Alan and Mick returning to his rightful place on drums and that former Rubettes fan club member Mark Haley has joined them on guitar and keyboards.  John and Alan started the Rubettes way back in 1974 and although John left the band in 1983 since returning in 2000 he has added a whole new dimension to their sound as well as making it fun again. Something, according to Alan, that had been missing for a long time and we all thank him for that.