A brief History

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A lot has happened to The Rubettes these last few years, some good, some not so good and a lot of questions are being asked by a lot of very confused people so it’s time to set the record straight. Probably by now most of you are aware that there exists more than one form of Rubettes band which is the result of a dispute between Alan Williams and a certain Ex Keyboardist Bill Hurd. In 2003 Alan reluctantly agreed that the Rubettes as we know them will no longer exist but will continue in two forms which is why the band with Alan Williams in it must be called The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams. At least you know that you are getting Alan with John Richardson and Mick Clarke as well. So make sure you check any billing that you see for the Rubettes to make sure that it is appearing the actual band that you want to see.

This arrangement should have worked well but unfortunately it didn’t for on many occasions billing of a certain band remained as just The Rubettes sometimes with photos of the Original band being displayed all of which caused great confusion for everyone and in 2005 Alan decided enough was enough and took Bill Hurd, Alex Bines and Paul Prewer ( Da Vinci ) back to court for breaking their agreement.

In February 2006 Alan finally won the legal battle when the British Courts in London gave their decision that Bill Hurd, Alex Bines and Paul (da Vinci) had been misleading people into thinking that their band was the Original Rubettes by what they wrote on their websites and that this was unfair to Alan, Mick and John.  Bill and the others then appealed to the Courts against their decision and finally in November 2006 the Court decided that the first decision was right and ordered them to pay legal costs of nearly 150,000 euros to Alan. Paul Prewer (Da Vinci) who no longer plays in Bill’s band has now paid Alan 50,000 euros but Bill and Alex said they didn’t have any money and have now both gone bankrupt to avoid paying. Alan is now considering further legal action against them.

Alan has asked me to thank everyone who has supported him through this difficult time. He knows all this legal stuff can be boring and that is why he didn’t say anything while it was going on but is now glad that it is out in the open.

It is hoped there is always some good that comes out of bad and the good that has come out of the recent  problems the band has experienced is that John Richardson has rejoined with Alan and Mick returning to his rightful place on drums and that former Rubettes fan club member Mark Haley has joined them on guitar and keyboards.  John and Alan started the Rubettes way back in 1974 and although John left the band in 1983 since returning in 2000 he has added a whole new dimension to their sound as well as making it fun again. Something, according to Alan, that had been missing for a long time and we all thank him for that.