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It’s great to see that after all the confusion created by other band these last few years that everyone has now realised that the band they had been booking was the wrong one and not the band with Alan in it as they had expected. You may have wondered why Alan and the guys had not made any appearances in Germany and Holland these past few years well it seems certain booking Agents had not been informing their clients that in fact what they were booking was not the Rubettes with Alan’s familiar face in it but the other lot. A big change is coming and as you can see by the dates the guys have for this year they are back and promoters are making a point of asking for the band with Alan.

Once again the guys are appearing on a British Nation wide Glitz blitz and 70’s hitz tour with their familiar touring buddies Sweet and Showaddywaddy. Starting at Cheltenham’s Town Hall on Sunday 15th April and ending 30 shows later at the famous London Palladium on Sunday 25th. June. Anyone having seen this line up on previous tours, and there have been a few, will know what a fabulous show it will be. Don’t forget to book early for your ticket or risk being disappointed.

A new album will be released to coincide with the tour called On Tour and will contain a welcome few surprises as well as all the “Hits”.  With 17 tracks it’s the best yet including new recordings After the Goldrush and Barbara Ann both popular live concert songs and a previously unheard song written by John called “You are Amazing” which is AMAZING and would make a great new single. Have a listen and tell everyone what you think.  Unfortunately at the moment On Tour is only available as merchandise at shows but will soon be available on other places